US analyst: China needs to buy Russian tanks, submarines and missiles


According to the expert, the military deals between China and Russia have always been beneficial for both countries: Moscow gets a “hard currency”, and Beijing – samples of the latest achievements in the field of weapons.

“And while Russia has something to sell, the relationship in the near future will not change,” said analyst.

Midzokami noted that currently the top three acquisitions of China shall be as following:

Firstly, it is heavy fighting vehicle on the platform of “Armata”: IFV T-15 and tank T-14, which will be able to “transform” the armed forces of China using tanks “Type 99”, created on the basis of the Soviet T-72.

Secondly, it is anti-aircraft missile system S-400 “Triumph”, capable of destroying virtually any air targets from cruise to ballistic missiles.

And thirdly, it is nuclear submarine Project 885 “Yasen”, which can become a viable alternative to the creation of their own ships, which are still “under construction.”


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