Venezuela Has Received Russian Howitzers and Anti-Aircraft Systems

On January 24, 2013 the Ministry of Defense of Venezuela received a lot of self-propelled howitzers “MSTA-S” and new anti-aircraft missile systems”Pechora-M2″ of the Russian production. Lot quantity is not specified, but it is known only that five cargo ships with howitzers and anti-aircraft systems arrived at the Venezuelan port. In addition to the self-propelled howitzers the Ministry of Defense of Venezuela received automated fire control systems “Machine-M” based on the of multi-purpose transporters MT-LBU. Delivery of weapons and military equipment is effected towards export credit of $ 2.2 billion given by Russia to Venezuela in 2009. The Venezuelan military department acquired 92 basic battle tanks T-72B1V (their delivery completed in March 2012), as well as multiple rocket launchers “Smerch”, coastal defense systems “Bal-E” and man-portable air defense systems.



Kamaz and Daimler will Release an Experimental Batch of New Trucks

At the end of 2013 OJSC “KAMAZ” releases an experimental lot of haul tractors KAMAZ-5490 designed jointly with Daimler. Currently the first samples of vehicles that are intended to transport goods over long distances are being tested. The trial models include some of the Daimler components – axles, engines, Axor cabin frame. In addition much attention is paid to the fuel economy and safety. Talking about the investments that are necessary for the implementation of the new project Development Director of “KAMAZ”, Irek Gumerov, noted that in 2013 company is ready to channel more than 5 billion rubles for the development of new technologies. It should be noted that in Russia there are two joint ventures of Daimler Trucks and Kamaz – “Mercedes-Benz Trucks Vostok (MBTV)” and “Fuso Kamaz Trucks Rus (FKTR)”. In addition, in November 2012 Daimler and Kamaz signed a contract for the supply of engines and axles for trucks and buses produced by the Russian company.


Russian Machine Manufacturers Refused the Help of the State

Manufacturers of agricultural machinery have refused to participate in the program of the industry subsidizing while it is not changed. The letter was signed by the heads of “Rosagromash”, ” Rostselmash Combine Factory”, “Tractor Plants” Concern, Petersburg Tractor Plant “Kormmash” and others. The document states that the members of the association of manufacturers of agricultural machinery cannot begin work on the subsidy program. The program for manufacturers of agricultural equipment was approved in the end of December 2012. The state compensates machine manufacturers 15 percent of the price of equipment, if they comply with the conditions of the program. In 2013 $ 2.3 billion will be allocated for these purposes. Only the Russian companies which produce the most part of the components in the country can become members of the program.


“Oboronprom” Represents New Aircraft Developments at the Indian Exhibition

OPK “Oboronprom”, part of “Russian Technologies” corporation, has presented products of its subsidiary holdings – “Helicopters of Russia” and “United Machine-Building” -at the International Aerospace Exhibition Aero India-2013. “Helicopters of Russia” will show for the Asian market new models of helicopters – Ka-226T, Mi-171A2, and Mi-28NE. Earlier the Russian company has proposed Ka-226T helicopters in the framework of the Indian Defense Ministry bid for the supply of 197 helicopters. In December 2012 “Helicopters of Russia” signed an additional contract for supply of Mi-17V-5 helicopters for the Indian Air Forces. Attach helicopter Mi-28N will be represented by the corporation jointly with “Rosoboronexport”. The visitors of the exhibition also coul see engine 117S for Su-35S fighter, RD-33MK gas turbine engine, NK-361 engine, VK-2500 helicopter engine and PD-14 advanced engine.


Russian Navy received a New Survey Vessel

“Vostok-Verf” compny has transfered a small survey vessel “Victor Faleev” project V19910 to the Russian Navy. The ship will join soon the Pacific Fleet. “Victor Faleev” was laid on the ” Vostok-Verf ” in October 2006 and launched on in November 2011. Sea trials of the vessel began on December 20, 2012. The vessel is intended to ensure safety of navigation in the Russian Pacific. Among other things the vessel should perform measurements, set the navigation buoys, service coastal navigation stations and remote lighthouses. “Victor Faleev” has a displacement of 1,000 tons, with a length of 56.4 meters and a width of 11.2 meters. The vessel is capable of a speed of 13 knots and overcomes more than 3,700 kilometers. The vessel can operate autonomously for 15 days.


IL-476 First Long Flight

According to “Aviastar-SP” inforemation a flight model of the promising Russian military transport aircraft Il-476 (Il-76MD-90A) successfully completed a long flight as a part of factory tests. During the flight systems and equipment of the aircraft were tested, engine start was checked, automatic control system, as well as the characteristics of stability and controllability were estimated. IL-476 transport aircraft is a deep modernization of Il-76MD. The aircraft is equipped with new PS-90A-76 engines and enhanced wing. The aircraft which has a maximum takeoff weight of 210 tons, is capable of carrying loads of up to 60 tons and operating at a distance of six thousand miles. In the beginning of October the Russian Defense Ministry has signed a contract on supply of 39 Il-476. The deal amounts to 140 billion rubles.


“REP Holding” and GE are about to Establish a Joint Venture

In the framework of the strategic partnership President of “REP Holding” Igor Starinkov and President of GE Oil & Gas Massimo Messer have signed a package of constituent documents of a joint venture to service gas turbines. By 2012 production of MS5002E gas turbine of 32 MW, which is a part of a new generation of gas-pumping unit GPA-32 “Ladoga”, was allocated on “REP Holding” sites. GPA-32 “Ladoga” is designed to pump natural gas through pipelines. Objects of the unit supply are compressor stations of gas mains “Bovanenkovo-Ukhta”, “South Stream” and other facilities of renovation and new construction of “Gazprom”. The main purpose of the joint venture is to provide an integrated service for the growing fleet of units GPA-32 “Ladoga”. Creation of a separate division, designed to support transport enterprises in matters of spare parts, maintenance and repair, engineering and technical support service units. Creation of a separate division, designed to support enterprises in matters of spare parts, maintenance and repair, engineering and technical support service of units GPA-32 “Ladoga”, will provide warranty and post-warranty service of GPA-32.


SSK “Sindurakshak” Project 877 EKM for the Indian Military

On January 26 Ship Repair Center “Zvezdochka” (part of “United Shipbuilding Corporation”) delivered to the Naval Forces of India an upgraded diesel-electric submarine “Sindurakshak” Project 877 EKM (NATO class “Kilo”). The Ministry of Defence of India and “Zvezdochka” signed the contract for renovation and modernization of SSK “Sindurakshak” on June 4, 2010. In the course of work the submarine was equiped with a modern missile complex “Club-S”, more than ten systems of Indian and foreign origin (including “Ushus sonar ” and “SCS-MK-2”) radio system were installed. The submarine cooling systems were upgraded and “Porpoise” radar was installed. On January 29 SSK “Sindurakshak” will move to its permanent basing site.



The Second Stage of the State Tests of the Mi-8MTV-5-1 with Ukrainian Engines Has Begun

Specialists of the center of army air corps pilots deployment and retraining in Torzhok have initiated the second stage of the state tests of the Mi-8MTV-5-1 with TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engines produced by JSC “Motor Sich” (Ukraine). Program of flight state tests is designed to perform 42 missions, 13 of which were performed in the first stage. The last stage it is planned to test of  helicopter emergency mode of the engine. In March of this year it is expected to sign an act of completion of state testing and compliance of the helicopter with these engines with the requirements of the Russian Air Forces. A distinctive features of TV3-117VMA-SBM1V engine is an increased resource and its ability to work in an hour at the emergency mode and power increased up to 2500 – 2800 hp compared with the base engine TV3-117VMA (2200 hp).


“Gazprom” ha multato l’Ucraina a sette miliardi di dollari

“Gazprom” ha chiesto che dall’Ucraina 7 miliardi di dollari per violazione degli obblighi di acquisto del gas. La richiesta è stata presentata a Kiev alla vigilia della partenza del presidente Viktor Yanukovych al Forum economico mondiale di Davos. Secondo “Gazprom” il volume di gas importato era inferiore che l’Ucraina doveva ricevere di raggiungere in base ad accordi attuali. L’ Ucraina deve pagare per tutto il gas contrattuale, non solo per effettivamente consegnato. Nello stesso tempo “Naftogaz” non sta per pagare tale importo. La società prevede di trasferire il procedimento di arbitrato internazionale. I contratti di “Gazprom” con “Naftogaz” prevedono che la quantità di gas consegnabile deve ammontare a 52 miliardi di metri cubi all’anno. Nel 2012 “Gazprom” ha osservato che il contratto prevede la possibile riduzione degli approvvigionamenti, in caso di cui un’ammenda a “Naftogaz” non è imposta, ma l’importazione dovrebbero essere ancora circa 41 miliardi di metri cubi.