International Forum Atomexpo’2015 opens in Moscow

Новые атомные технологии представлены в Москве на "Атомэкспо-2014" Передовые ядерные технологии и новинки атомной отрасли представлены на специализированной выставке в рамках VI Международного форума "Атомэкспо-2014", который открылся в российской столице.  На снимках: 1. заместитель генерального директора по развитию и международному бизнесу Росатома Кирилл Комаров. 2. президент Атомного промышленного форума Японии Такуя Хаттори. 3. выступает генеральный директор Всемирной ядерной ассоциации Агнета Ризинг. 4-10. "Атомэкспо-2014". 11. глава "Росатома" Сергей Кириенко и министр образования Беларуси Сергей Маскевич. Фото Виктора Толочко, БелТА.

ATOMEXPO’2015, 7th International Forum will be held on June 1-3, 2015 in Moscow in Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Center at 4 Ulitsa Ilyinka. On the eve of the Forum, on May 31, 2015, a business regatta will take place to allow the leaders of the nuclear power industry to take part in team competitions and communicate in an informal setting.

The goal of the Forum is to promote international cooperation between the Russian Federation and the countries of Latin America, Pacific Asia, Africa, Central and Eastern Europe in the field of nuclear power, and to discuss Russia’s proposal on developing national energy programs.

Over the past six years the Forum has become an internationally-recognized discussion venue that focuses on discussion of important issues of the nuclear power sector, and the trends of its further development.

The Forum has traditionally included an exhibition of leading Russian and international companies of the nuclear power sector and an extensive business program with participation of heads of corporations, top managers of international companies, and international-level experts.

Participation in the Forum will help promote business interests on the nuclear power market, and stimulate further development of participating companies.


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