Special units of the Russian army may get buggy “Okhotnik”


Special units of the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation may get highly mobile wheeled vehicles “Okhotnik”.

The latest development “OKBT” (Experimental Kosntruktorsko Office Equipment) is the developer of a new multi-purpose vehicle terrain.

Currently highly mobile wheeled vehicles “Okhotnik” is preparing to pass a series of tests in order to adapt the structure of the vehicle to the needs of law enforcement agencies and special forces. Previously, such vehicles were purchased from foreign manufacturers, and the troops there is a definite need for such machines.


Zelenodolsk plant has implemented Oracle software


Located in Tatarstan Zelenodolsk Plant named after Gorky (included in JSC “Holding Company “Ak Bars”), which produces warships of different classes, introduced the program Oracle in the production process, the company CEO Renat Mistahov told RIA Novosti on Wednesday .
The well-known company Oracle has created a multifunctional program that allows to significantly reduce costs and a more efficient operation of the enterprise at the expense of operational administration and data retrieval, quick sorting information.

AvtoVAZ greatly improved the quality of serial production


AvtoVAZ will concentrate on the start of serial production of two new models in 2015. On this and other problems of the head of the automaker’s Bo Andersson said at the Adam Smith Institute’s forum.

“We will launch Lada Vesta and Lada XRAY in time, with the right price and the right quality – said Bo Andersson. – We need to restructure the work with suppliers. We need to improve the management of the company. ”

The head of AvtoVAZ said that there was no less important task – to improve customer satisfaction. The company will continue to improve the processes of engineering, procurement, and production and reduce costs. “This year is a difficult but good one for AvtoVAZ and Lada. And we say: this is our year,” Bo Andersson said.

AvtoVAZ began the test of a new crossover Lada XRAY


AvtoVAZ is testing a new model Lada XRAY in the “body» Renault Sandero, on base of which the promising crossover was developed. The head of the project Lada XRAY, Oleg Grunenkov, said about it by adding that the tests are held in Germany.

“The first winter calibration will be carries out the on the so-called mules. We re-developed for this purpose one car Sandero with this power unit. This car is currently being tested in Germany. The next car will be assembled Lada XRAY. This car is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine and gearbox AMT. Assembly of the car is planned for April of this year. It will be prepared for summer calibration tests. The last stage of the calibration will be held at the beginning of winter this year. Thus, we will be ready for the start of commercial production with already exact setup and calibration of new power trains,” – said Mr.Grunenkov, who is cited by “AvtoSreda”. Recall that the serial production of crossover will be started in December of this year.

Russia to deliver nearly 3,000 freight cars to Azerbaijan


Russia’s UralVagonZavod Research and Production Corporation, will deliver 2,900 freight cars of various models to Azerbaijan Railways CJSC, the message from UralVagonZavod said on Mar.12.

Head of Azerbaijan Railways company Javid Gurbanov and the director general of UralVagonZavod corporation, Oleg Sienko discussed various aspects of cooperation during the negotiations in Baku, according to the message.

“The sides agreed on the total number and nomenclature of freight cars to be delivered by UralVagonZavod corporation to Azerbaijan Railways company,” said the message. “These freight cars include universal gondola, grain car, tank for transportation of oil and oil products, hopper car for cement and others.”

Gas MAZ 203 965 to be tested in Astrakhan


Earlier this year, the official dealer of the Minsk Automobile Plant leasing company “TK Leasing” solemnly handed over new low-floor bus “MAZ” increased capacity, running on natural gas to the enterprise of “AstrahanPassazhirTrans”.

The event was attended by representatives of the regional government and the city hall, including the Minister of Industry, Transport and Natural Resources of the Astrakhan region Sergey Krzhanovsky, who thanked the Belarusian partners for the opportunity to test the gas bus.

MAZ 203965, which uses natural gas as fuel, will come to the streets of Astrakhan in the near future. It will be used on one of the routes in the urban test mode.

New PARM-1AM1 mobile repair complexes arrived in the Eastern Military District


Compounds of logistics of the Eastern Military District received a batch of unique mobile car repair shops PARM-1AM1 For service repair units, according to the press service of the Eastern Military District.

The technical complex is designed on the basis of five cars “Ural” with trailers. The workshop is designed to perform routine repairs and maintenance in the field of multipurpose vehicles and general transport destination brands UAZ, GAZ, ZIL, “Ural”, KamAZ, KrAZ, MAZ and their modifications.

Railway missile system “Barguzin” to be equipped with intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24 “Yars”


Railway missile system “Barguzin” will be equipped with intercontinental ballistic missile RS-24 “Yars” create other missiles for it is not planned, said a source in the defense industry.

“We have a modern missile RS-24″ Yars “Compact enough to place it in the usual special train car, and at the same time having a powerful military equipment. So while creating for “Barguzin” other missiles is not planned, “- said the source.

He noted that the main thing now – for three or four years to create based on new technology itself railway complex and successfully tested it with “Yarsom.”

According to the source, “Barguzin” can be created in 2018. After that, about two years will go flight tests. “If everything goes normally, on schedule, then the proper funding” Barguzin “can be adopted for use at the turn of 2019-2020 years” – the source added.

“Trolza” started to assemble the first electric buses


One of the first Russian electric buses will be produced at the plant of the engineering company JSC “Trolza” (Engels, Saratov region).

Electric bus is powered by an electric battery, it does not emit exhaust and nearly silent.  Car of the future plan to break in to the Yaroslavl roads. Right now in Yaroslavl, a project to launch an innovative electric cleaner for the historical part of the city – areas of UNESCO.

Ultra-modern trains to appear in the Urals


Three hundred kilometers in just over three hours. With this speed we will be able to be traveling to the Urals now. The new Russian high-speed train “Lastochka” has been tested there.

The vehicle is equipped with the most modern equipment, and one of its main advantages, in addition to speed, is its warmness – even with frosts below minus 30.

As one of the most promising routes, local authorities called the road from Yekaterinburg Koltsovo Airport to the north of the area – up to Verkhoturye pilgrimage center which is 200 km from the capital of the region. Now people get there by bus or train in about 5 hours, it is expected that travel time will be reduced to 3.5 hours.