AvtoVAZ began the test of a new crossover Lada XRAY


AvtoVAZ is testing a new model Lada XRAY in the “body» Renault Sandero, on base of which the promising crossover was developed. The head of the project Lada XRAY, Oleg Grunenkov, said about it by adding that the tests are held in Germany.

“The first winter calibration will be carries out the on the so-called mules. We re-developed for this purpose one car Sandero with this power unit. This car is currently being tested in Germany. The next car will be assembled Lada XRAY. This car is equipped with a 1.8-liter engine and gearbox AMT. Assembly of the car is planned for April of this year. It will be prepared for summer calibration tests. The last stage of the calibration will be held at the beginning of winter this year. Thus, we will be ready for the start of commercial production with already exact setup and calibration of new power trains,” – said Mr.Grunenkov, who is cited by “AvtoSreda”. Recall that the serial production of crossover will be started in December of this year.

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