Russian Borey-class SSBN nears completion of transfer to Pacific Fleet


Key Point

  • Russian Borey-class SSBN scheduled to complete transfer to Pacific Fleet
  • Russia plans to base four Boreys in the Pacific

The Russian Navy’s Borey-class nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SSBN)Alexander Nevsky is scheduled to arrive at its Pacific Fleet home base in early September as it completes its transfer from the Northern Fleet.

On completion of the transfer, the boat will commence strategic nuclear deterrence patrols in the Pacific Ocean.

Alexander Nevsky departed the Northern Fleet in mid-August, according to a TASS news agency report on 27 August. A Russian General Staff source told TASS that the SSBN had conducted an under-ice transit north of Novaya Zemlya, the New Siberian Islands, and Wrangel Island, en route to its new homeport on the Kamchatka peninsula.

Commissioned in December 2013, Alexander Nevsky is the second Borey-class boat. Until its transfer to the Pacific Fleet, it operated from Gadzhiyevo in the Northern Fleet.


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