“Schwabe” summed up the results of participation in MAKS-2015


Holding “Schwabe”, which belongs to the State Corporation Rostec, presented innovations and signed a number of key agreements in the framework of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015 in Zhukovsky.

On the opening day of the exhibition the stand of Holding visited by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is familiar with the new exhibits of Russian high-tech instrument making and innovative potential of “Schwabe”.

Also Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, head of the Russian presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, Minister of Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed Al Nahyan, head of the State Corporation Rostec Chemezov and other dignitaries got aquainted ith the production of holding within MAKS-2015.


KRET presented more than 450 designs at the MAKS-2015


Yesterday in Zhukovsky near Moscow the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2015 ended. KRET presented over 450 developments, which aroused great interest among the participants and guests of the event, at the air show.

One of the highlights of the air show was the transfer of the troops established in the framework of the state defense order electronic warfare systems for the Russian Army (“Arm-AB”, “Krasuha-2”, “Krasuha-4”, “Mercury-BM”).
“KRET transferred to the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation technology for more than 1 billion rubles, – said the first deputy general director Igor KRET Nasenkov. – Each of the transmission systems that have received the Armed Forces, will significantly enhance the combat capability of a connection. “

Rostec released new UAV hovercraft


United Instrument Making Corporation (Dpart of state corporation “Rostec”) first showed pictures of Russian reconnaissance drone with impact hovercraft “Chirok”. This announcement is posted on the United Instrument Making Corporation website.

On assurance of the developer, detection of the device in the radar range is difficult, since the body is made of lightweight composite materials. “In addition, flying drone is virtually silent due quietest reciprocating engines with variable pitch propeller,” United Instrument Making Corporation noted.

KRET developing new electronic warfare systems


Russia’s largest holding company in the electronic industry KRET is working on a new electronic warfare systems for the protection of aircraft and helicopters from the air defense, the first deputy general director of KRET Igor Nasenkov told reporters on Tuesday.

“Now it is developing advanced electronic warfare systems for the protection of aircraft. They will be improved in comparison with the complex “Vitebsk” specifications, use new physical principles of operation, have the ability to repel the attacks virtually the entire range of air defense,” – said Nasenkov.

14 holding companies and organizations of “Rostec” to be presented at the MAKS


Deputy Director General for Foreign Economic Activity of the state corporation ‘Rostec’, Dmitry Shugaev, said that a total of 14 holdings will take part in the air show, and also certain so-called institutions of direct administration. ‘’They will be the well-known Rosoboronexport, ‘Russian Helicopters’, UEC, Roselectronika, instrument-United Corporation ‘Precision complexes’, ‘Mechanical Engineering’ and many other companies. Pavilions 2, C-2, D-3 will be working, and one of the pavilions, C-3, will be fully occupied by a radio-electronic technology concern, which will present the products of its 48 companies. Thus, ‘Rostec’  lat MAKS-2015, as it was at the previous salon, will be appropriately represented and will occupy an area of about 3800 square meters of closed and open areas.”

“Rostec” is going to participate at the first Eurasian Aerospace Congress and use the MAKS siter for negotiations with potential and traditional partners.

Speaking about the impact that the sanctions have had on the work of the salon, Shugaev said that that only at the line of ‘Rostec’, which is the parent organization, around 20 talks are planned between foreign delegations at MAKS. This, in our opinion, is a good indicator. Although, of course, there is a substitution in favor of our Asian partners. I would not call it a substitution, rather, it is the strengthening of our relations which traditionally exist in the area of military-technical cooperation”.

Rostec wants to sign agreements with partners in Europe and Asia-Pacific Region at MAKS


Russia’s largest corporation for producing and exporting high technology industrial products for civilian and military purposes “Rostec” plans to sign agreements with partners from Europe, BRIC and Asia Pacific Region at the International Air Show MAKS-2015 in Zhukovsky, the press service of the state Corporation said.

“This year, despite the difficulties in relations with Western countries, we expect to sign documents with companies from France, USA and Italy. In addition, the development of relations with our traditional partners such countries as China, India and Malaysia is also important. It is expected to sign a number of agreements with our Western partners, as well as from the BRICS countries and the Asia-Pacific region,” the statement said.

KRET produces avionics for Tu-214ON aircraft


KRET is developing avionics for the aircraft of special aviation Tu-214ON, which is designed for the observation of the inspection missions in the framework of an international treaty “Open Skies”.
The Concern develops computer systems, navigation systems, integrated surveillance system, air data system, automatic control systems and by-wire control system for special plane Tu-214ON.
KRET also will deliver special indication and alarm systems, onboard systems and controls. In creating this equipment Tu-214ON all the key enterprises of the Concern are involved.

KRET present proposals for “stuffing” for Tu-160 within a year


Within a year KRET will present proposals for avionics and electronic warfare systems for strategic bombers Tu-160, which production is decided to be resumed.

“Now there is a coordination of all engineering materials, tactical and technical tasks and the amount of work on this machine. I think within a year we will issue all proposals and it will be clearly understood which equipment will be set on this aircraft,” the adviser of the First Deputy General Director of KRET Vladimir Mikheev said.

Products of “Schwabe” got intellectual defense of the United States


Holding “Schwabe”, which belongs to the State Corporation Rostec, registered the trademark in Latin and Cyrillic in 7 classes of the International Classification of goods and services in the United States.

The presence in the United States unique rights to use the trademark will enable the Holding to exercise the production and sale of geodetic, medical, optical and lighting devices. “Schwabe” may also have in this country, scientific marketing, construction and maintenance services.

Russian new corvette to be equipped with KRET electronic warfare systems


The Russian Navy commissions its latest corvette at the Amur Shipbuilding Plant, outfitted with electronic warfare systems developed by KRET enterprises.

The corvette will join the Pacific Fleet’s naval forces and is equipped with guided missiles.

This ship is the third Project 20380 corvette to be built at the Amur Shipbuilding Plant for the Pacific Fleet. As stated by Roman Martov, head of the Pacific Fleet’s press service, the plant will commission another Project 20380 corvette by the end of this year.

The Russian Navy’s combat forces already have four ships from this project: Steregushchy, Soobrazitelny, Boiky, and Stoiky. All of these are part of the Baltic Sea Fleet. Two months ago, the corvette Sovershenny was also commissioned. The ship is currently being outfitted with equipment. After completing tests, the ship will become part of the Pacific Fleet. The new corvettes will serve as the foundation of the Russian Navy in the near maritime zone.