Two Sukhoi Su-34 put into service of the Southern Military District


Two Sukhoi Su-34 are put into service of the Southern Military District, they joined the airbase located in Morozovsk (Rostov region).

Last week, the aircraft flew from Novosibirsk to the place of service in separate Bomber Regiment of the Fourth Army Air Force and Air Defense.

The main advantages of machines: the flight range – up to 4,000 km, the maximum speed – 2000 km / h, as well as the combat load – 8 tons.


Russian Ministry of Defense selected for testing about 100 local drones


The Russian Defense Ministry has selected for testing about 100 Russian defense industry enterprises developed unmanned aerial vehicles on the basis of military-technical forum “Army-2015”, which took place in early June, Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu said at the board meeting.
According to him, prospects of using unmanned systems, including the deck, the helicopter developed by industrial enterprises on its own initiative and submitted to the military-technical forum “Army 2015” will be discussed “more closely”.

Eastern military district received a second brigade “Iskander”


Eastern Military District received his second in a row brigade equipped with missile complexes “Iskander-M” reports TASS . Soldiers compounds are currently undergoing training at the firing range in the Astrakhan region. Re-equipment of a new type of missile systems will be deployed brigade in Ulan-Ude.

According to available information the new technique to re-equip the 103rd separate missile brigade stationed near the capital of Buryatia. before the brigade was equipped with operational-tactical missile complexes “Tochka-U”. In total there are 12 compounds part of launchers complex Iskander-M each of which carries two ballistic missiles with a range of up to 500 kilometers. In addition the complex can use cruise missiles.

Military servicemento be be trained on the complexes “Krasukha”


Conscripts, who arrived in Tambov center for training and combat employment of electronic warfare, for the first time will be trained for positions of junior specialists of new complexes “Moskva-1” and “Krasukha” of KRET production.

As reported by the Press Service and Information Center of Russian Ministry of Defence, all the preparation for the 23 specialties of electronic warfare started over a thousand military men called during the spring conscription campaign this year.
Training will take place at more than 40 types of products of electronic warfare. Among them is a new development and production facilities of KRET – “Rtut-BM”, “Krasukha” and “Moskva-1”. At the same time the training of cadets will be conducted for the first time in the complexes “Krasukha-20”, “Krasukha-4” and “Moskva-1”.

Russian Army fields its sixth Iskander-M brigade


Just short of July 16, 2015, the Standardized Military Production Acceptance Day, KBM Kolomna delivered another complete operational-tactical 9K720 Iskander-M missile brigade to the 103rd Red Banner, Order of Kutuzov and Khmelnitskiy, Separate Missile Brigade of the 36th Combined Arms Army of the Eastern Military District, based in Ulan-Ude.

The ceremony was attended by the Eastern Military District chief of staff Lieutenant General A.P. Lapin, Ground Forces Rocket and Artillery Forces chief Major General M.M. Matveyevskiy, KBM Kolomna General Designer V.M. Kashin, and several others.
The Ground Forces received a complete missile brigade, including self-propelled launchers, missiles, transporters and loaders, the automated command and control system, a data processing center, maintenance and training equipment, 51 pieces of equipment all told. Specialists from KBM and other defense contractors helped the 103rd Brigade in the conversion to the new equipment.

New “Ratnik” to receive exoskeleton


The system of life-support equipment of serviceman sets of the third generation may receive the exoskeleton, CEO of “TSNIITOCHMASH” Dmitry Semizorov said at the forum “Army 2015” .

“The combat soldier equipment of the third generation will be eveloped in the direction of integration of the various biomechanical tools, including exoskeletons”, Semizorov said.

According to him, the new generation equipment must also enter the new medical supplies and food. D.Semizorov stressed the need to integrate all the components of life support systems.

“This should be done to reduce weight. The face is supposed to optimize the set,” – said the head of TSNIITOCHMASH.

United Instrument-making Company to start serial production of UAV Korsar


“United Instrument-making Corporation”, part of Roste, presented a new small class UAV “Korsar” at the International Military-Technical Forum “Army 2015” and announced the launch of its mass production by the end of 2016.
International Forum “Army-2015” takes place from June 16 to June 19 in the park of the armed forces “Patriot” in Kubinka near Moscow. The forum will be opened for the mass visiting on June 17.
“The prime contractor for this direction is our concern “Vega”. Korsar is a drone,a completely new model of the most sought in today’s Army (drone) of small class. The following year, its state tests are scheduled, by the end of 2016 – beginning of 2017 we intend to begin its serial production “, the press release of the organization says.

“Kalashnikov” to develop a new riffle of the future for “Ratnik”


Automatic equipment for the “soldier of the future” of the third generation will be equipped with enhanced armor-piercing ammunition, and have a high blank range, CEO of concern “Kalashnikov”, developing weapons for the new equipment, Alexei Krivoruchko said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“Yes, we intend to participate in the development of weapons of the future … In connection with the further development of personal protective equipment development of ammunition (bullets) with uprated piercing performance, as well as an increase in point-blank range (flatness) will be actual,” he said.

According to Krivoruchko, another important factor in the work on the weapon of the future will be a reduction in weight, which will become possible with the introduction of composite materials.

New version of Sprut-SD self-propelled gun for Airborne Forces expected in 2015


A modernised version of the Sprut-SD self-propelled gun for the Russian Airborne Forces will be released by the end of the current year, First Vice President and co-owner of Concern Tractor Plants (CTP) Albert Bakov told TASS on Thursday.

“The Sprut-SD gun modernisation is in full swing. I’m sure we’ll be able to complete the work this year,” the CTP representative said.

Bakov said that the upgraded gun will have better protection and mobility, and its fire control system will surpass the T-90 tank system.

Unique simulators for missile troops to arrive in the Strategic Missile Forces in 2020


Unique simulators for training of missile troops will arrive in Russian Strategic Missile Forces in 2020, troops press service said Tuesday.
Software and information that contains this training facility, are identical to those which are equipped with real combat units RK “Topol-M” and “Yars”.

To solve this problem in the Strategic Missile Forces established system of training duty forces to the widespread use of training facilities, providing simulation of systems and components of missile systems and command and control centers.