The Be-200 will be able to extinguish fires on vessels at sea


By order of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, experts at KRET enterprises have upgraded the avionics of the Be-200ChS amphibious aircraft.

The multipurpose aircraft is the primary tool for extinguishing large fires. By order of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, the aircraft’s avionics, central computer systems, peripheral sensors, and intelligent control panels have been improved. A new feature of the flight management system is the creation of a vertical profile and alternative flight plan, ensuring the completion of special maneuvers when conducting search and rescue and fire-fighting operations.

During the modernization process, the technical level of amphibious aircraft was improved through the use of new information display technology. The improvements to the aircraft have reduced the equipment’s weight and power consumption, improved its reliability and safety, and lessened direct operating costs for maintenance and repair.

KRET’s technical solutions have greatly expanded the functionality of the upgraded Be-200ES amphibious aircraft. Now it can be used not only to help fight large forest fires, but also to extinguish fires on oil platforms and ships at open sea and a great distance from shore. The amphibious aircraft can also conduct large-scale rescue and evacuation operations or combat modern terrorist threats.

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