China, Russia conduct large-scale joint naval exercise


Chinese and Russian warships have converged on the Russian port of Vladivostok for a large-scale naval exercise, involving a total of 23 surface ships, 2 submarines, rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, and 400 marines.

The Chinese ships sailed from the North Sea Fleet base of Qingdao on 15 August, although ships from all three fleets of the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) are involved. The vessels involved are the Type 051C Luzhou-class destroyer Shenyang , the Sovremenny-class destroyer Taizhou , the Type 054A Jiangkai II-class frigatesLinyi and Hengyang , amphibious landing ships Type 071 Yuzhao-class (LPD)Changbaishan and Type 072A Yuting II-class (LST) Yunwunshan , supported by the Type 903A Fuchi-class replenishment ship Taihu .

A Japanese P-3C maritime patrol aircraft reported several Russian Navy ships in transit, including a guided missile destroyer, two frigates, four corvettes, two tank landing ships, two coastal minesweepers, and a replenishment ship. The participating Russian ships are understood to also include Slava-class cruiser Varyag and Udaloy-class destroyer Marshall Shaposhnikov.


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