Mistrals to make way for ‘Priboys’


The new generation ‘Priboy’ amphibious assault ship, currently under construction at the Kaliningrad naval dockyards, will form the spearhead of the amphibious fleet Russia is actively building. Comparable to the ‘Mistral’ the new vessel, along with the amphibious landing vessel ‘Ivan Gren’ and the ‘Peter Morgunov,’ will form the core of the fleet and replace the ‘Mistral’.

The military doctrine of 2014 strengthens causality by which Russia can operate its forces outside of state borders, while acting within recognized international norms and principles. Article 32 of the document speaks of “early deployment of troops (forces) to potentially dangerous strategic sectors,” and about “protecting the national interests of Russia in the Arctic.”

Given that two-thirds of Russia’s state borders are surrounded by water, troop movement cannot take place overland or aerially. Russia requires amphibious vessels capable of swiftly delivering combat forces and equipment to areas of conflict.


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