Holding “Aviation Equipment” improved technical characteristics of SAM system S-400


Scientific and Production Enterprise “Start” named after A.I. Yaskin (NPP “Start”), part of the holding “Aviation Equipment” of Rostec State Corporation, has successfully completed testing of a new modification of the transport vehicle “5T58-2 isp.5” for the transport of missiles of “S-400” system. Through new technological solutions NPP “Start” managed to reduce the cost of the new transport vehicle “5T58-2 isp.5” by 25% – from 11.6 mn to 8.7 mn, and reduced by 35% fuel consumption, according to the press service of the holding.

One important advantage of “5T58-2 isp.5 ” compared to the previous modifications is reduced twice axle load, which allows complex air defense system to move freely on all roads, including over rough terrain. Also in the course of modernization tractor “BAZ” and semitrailer “MZKT” of Bryansk and Minsk plants were replaced by similar machines produced by enterprises “Ural” and ChMZAP, respectively. New equipment will reduce production costs of “5T58-2 isp. 5″due to the difference in price and reduce transport costs, since NPP “Start “and manufacturers are located in the Urals Federal District, the press service said.


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