MAKS 2015: KRTV unveils Grom-E1/E2 stand-off munitions


Russia’s Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV) used the occasion of the MAKS-2015 airshow to unveil the Grom-E1 guided cruise missile and Grom-E2 gliding bomb.

Both are currently being trialled according to the director general of KTRV, Boris Obnosov.

The munitions have a unified design configuration with swept-back wings and have been designed to fit within a fighter aircraft’s internal weapon bay. Both also feature the same combined (INS/GLONASS) guidance system, and differ in that while the powered Grom-E1 missile is equipped with a rocket engine at its rear, the gliding Grom-E2 uses this space for an additional high-explosive warhead instead of the engine.

Although the precise specifications were withheld, KRTV noted that each weapon weighs over 600 kg. The Grom-E1 has a roughly 300 kg warhead, while the Grom-E2s weigh more than 450 kg. The range of the munitions was not disclosed, but both are intended to be stand-off weapons, capable of engaging land targets outside of defended airspace.


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