RTI produced a series of “secret developments” for Russian Space Forces


Amongst the traditional participants of the International Air Show MAKS is the Russian Concern “Radio Technical Engineering and Information Systems’ (RTI).

Sergey Boev, General Director of the RTI, in an interview with RIA Novosti’s correspondents Katerina Zgirovskaya and Alexander Newar, elaborated on the company’s plans for the MAKS-2015, and prospects of development in connection with the creation in Russia of a new type of forces — the Aerospace Forces.

“Basically, we shall exhibit innovations that have been developed for the needs of the Defense Ministry of Russia — these include the on-board systems developed by us for UAV’s — the unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as our traditional products — the horizontal radar station with surface wave propagation — “Podsolnukh-E” (Sunflower), the “Vitim” radar, the multifunctional radar with an increased range of detection. Together with Rosoboronexport, we plan to hold talks with representatives from Iran, Kazakhstan, Eritrea, India, China and other countries, as well as with the Vietnamese company VietTel. These meetings have already been arranged,” he said.

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