Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: S-300 systems will be delivered to Iran this year


Russia will deliver S-300 systems to Iran this year. The number of systems to be delivered was specified in a contract signed earlier, Kommersant reports with reference to a source close to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was reported earlier that Teheran would send its delegation to Moscow next week in order to negotiate deliveries of S-300 systems. «The documents will be signed in Moscow with the participation of Iranian Ministry of Defense’s representatives and Russian delegation. At present the date is being defined; most probably the negotiations will be held next Wednesday or Thursday,» a source close to Russian Ministry of Defense said. He noted that the delegation will be “headed by the Minister of Defense or one of his deputies”.

We remind you that in April 2015 the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, signed an order, which allows delivering Russian-produced S-300 air defense systems to Iran. Russian Ministry of Defense stated that it would be able to deliver the systems to Iran in the shortest time possible.


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