Irkut Corporation to showcase a full flight simulator for MS-21-200 aircraft at MAKS-2015 airshow

rkut Corporation will showcase a full flight simulator for MS-21-200 aircraft at MAKS-2015 airshow. The simulator was developed in the network of implementation of an agreement between Irkut Corporation and Aeroflot on development of a training program for personnel operating MS-21 aircraft on the basis of Aeroflot training center.


Irkut Corporation is developing the following equipment in order to prepare personnel for operation of MS-21 aircraft:

Full Flight Simulator for MS-21-300 aircraft;

Procedure trainer for MS-21-300;

Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainer for MS-21;

Cabin trainer for MS-21;

Door trainer for MS-21;

Classroom for training pilots;

Classroom for training flight attendants;

CBT for training maintenance personnel (Category А, В1, В2);

Maintenance trainer for MS-21;

Interactive training stand for maintenance personnel (Category B1 and B2);

Navigation trainer for MS-21;

Emergency and Safety Equipment kits: “Water” and “Surface”.

The abovementioned equipment will be handed over to Aeroflot training center; a new multi-role building should be constructed for these purposes in the territory of the training center. This project will make Aeroflot training center one of the largest ones in Europe.

Irkut Corporation (developer of MS-21) and Aeroflot (launch customer) are doing their best to create the best conditions in terms of personnel training.


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