A citizen of Russia developed a UAV on a leash


Under the guidance of Sergey Lupashin (Russia) Perspective Robotics Company (Zurich) developed an unmanned aircraft, which works without GPS; the vehicle is controlled by means of using a leash with a length of 8 meters, Rambler Novosti reports.

The vehicle may be fitted with GoPro camera. Perspective Robotics started a campaign to raise funds for production of the UAV: they have managed to raise over $77 thousand in 18 hours, Le Temps reports. The cost of the UAV will be €203-291; deliveries will start in March 2016.

Fotokite Phi device weighs 300 g. «You do not need a joystick or any special skills to control the UAV. You just have to pull the leash,» engineer of Perspective Robotics, Mathieu Noirot-Cosson. Such UAVs may be used to shoot events attended by many people; and that’s what Lupashin did in 2011, when he shot protest actions in Moscow. Moreover, BBC and National Geographic TV channels have already tested Fotokite Phi UAV. According to Le Temps, US TV channels and news agencies also showed interest in the device.


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