An application for aerophobes will be launched in Russia


A free mobile application for aerophobes may be launched in Russia; it should help passengers overcome panic attacks during flight. It was stated by the Letaem Bez Strakha (stands for: Fly Without Fear) center, Mikhail Smirnov. The center is going to ask authorities for a support in order to make the app available to everyone. Russian Ministry of Transport is ready to consider the initiative, m24.rureports.

A passenger will be able to download the app using his phone, enter flight information, put on headphones and an audio-guide will accompany him throughout the flight. “The app warns about takeoff, sees all the flight stages and tracks the bank of the aircraft. It shows the current pitch angle, estimated time of arrival, etc,” Smirnov explained.

Aerophobia is the fear of flying. Usually people older than 25 years suffer from it. Around 15% of adults in Russia are afraid of flying. Experts believe that the aerophobia is usually based on a global psychological problem – susceptibility to panic. It may aggravate against the background of depression, fatigue and stress. Basically, there are two main reasons that cause the fear: fear of death and fear of loss of control over your actions. According to psychologists, 98% of people are able to overcome aerophobia; different methods for overcoming it were developed. By the way, in 2013 a center for fighting aerophobia was opened in Sheremetyevo airport. The special course held before the flight takes from 20 to 40 minutes. Passengers may learn the basics of aircraft design and the principle of flying and talk to a psychologist as well.

The audio-guide will tell a passenger, when the aircraft is going to turn, takeoff or land. Passenger will learn some things about aircraft design, get to know what turbulence is (oscillations of the aircraft caused by a vortex flow) and why is it harmless. According to Smirnov, the center is ready to address authorities in order to make the app available to everyone. Press-service of Russian Ministry of Transport said that the ministry is going to consider the initiative once it is submitted.

The head of the center for emergency psychological aid, Mikhail Vinogradov

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