Vladimir Putin will visit MAKS-2015 airshow


Vladimir Putin will visit MAKS-2015 international airshow. It will be his eighth visit to MAKS since 1999. Sources view the President’s visit to MAKS as a sign of political support for the rocket-and-space and aircraft industries affected by the sanctions, Kommersant reports.

Several sources close to the organizers of the show confirmed that Putin is going to visit MAKS-2015. According to one of them, at present the protocol team is waiting for approval of the exact date of the President’s visit: two dates are being considered – August 25th and 26th (in other words, the question is whether the President will open the airshow or visit it the next day). Vladimir Putin will visit MAKS airshow for the eighth time – since 1999 he has been visiting it regardless of his position. Only in 2013 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited MAKS instead of the President.

This year MAKS will be held during the period from August 25th to August 30th. The space industry is going to present a number of new products. According to Rocket and Space Corporation Energia CEO Vladimir Solntsev, his company will present a mockup of a next-generation manned transport aircraft (for the first time ever it will be fitted with a ceramic thermal protection, which will be used on real spacecraft) at MAKS-2015 airshow. The head of NPO Lavochkin, Sergey Lemeshevskiy, told Kommersant that full-scale mockups of Luna-Glob (Luna-25) spacecraft and Fregat-SB upper stage will be presented at the show, as well as a model of Spektr-R radio telescope, mockups of astrophysics observatories Spektr-UF and Spektr-RG, and a small spacecraft intended for carrying out fundamental space research (payload No. 2). Russian Space Systems Company will present solutions in the area of instruments, while Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center — in the area of rocket engineering.


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