New Russian vessel to monitor US missile defence


During main celebrations for the Russian Fleet’s “Navy Day”, the Andreevsky flag was ceremonially hoisted over the flagship vessel for the new generation of Project 18280 ‘Yuri Ivanov’-class of ships at the Baltic Fleet’s primary base. The new vessel has successfully completed factory and state trials. Preparations are now underway to transfer the ship to its permanent base, at one of the Northern Fleet’s bases on the Kola Peninsula.

The ‘Yuri Ivanov’ is called a communications ship, though in reality it is a reconnaissance vessel. Among its tasks are supporting communications and fleet management, radio reconnaissance and radio-electronic warfare (REB). The ship’s primary role is as a reconnaissance vessel, monitoring aspects of the American missile defense system. The onboard equipment it possesses can detect radio signals across a wide range of frequencies to determine the location of their source.

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