Organizers of MAKS-2015 told about preparation for the airshow


Organizers of the 12th MAKS-2015 international airshow told journalists about preparation for the event. Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Andrei Boginsky, Deputy CEO of Rostec State Corporation Dmitry Shugaev, and Deputy CEO of Aviasalon Company Vladimir Sovetkin took part in a press conference held in Moscow.

Anrey Boginsky stated that a number of new products would be presented at the MAKS airshow. First of all, this refers to products made by Russian companies: Ми-38-2 helicopter powered by Russian-produced engines, which is going to take part in demonstration flights, Ka-52K helicopter, which was not presented at previous MAKS airshows, as well as the VIP version of Ansat helicopter. The prototype of PD-14 engine for the next-generation MS-21 airliner will be demonstrated to the visitors for the first time ever. Onboard electronics and accessories will also be showcased.

The Deputy Minister added that a number of agreements would be signed; the documents will be related to both civil and military aircraft segments. “I am confident that contracts related to both civil and military aircraft will be signed. However, it is too early to discuss the details, so let’s wait for the airshow,” he said.


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