Ka-52K “Katran” to be equipped with video processing system of “Okhotnik” family


The latest Russian combat helicopter Ka-52K “Katran”, set for deployment on helicopter carrier of “Mistral” type, thanks to the video processing of the family “Okhotnik” is able to detect and recognize objects at a distance of 1.5 times larger than the land version of the Ka-52 – “Alligator”.

This was announced on Wednesday, August 12, by First Deputy General Director of Russia’s largest holding company in the electronic industry “Concern Radio-electronic technology” (KRET, part of “Rostec”) Igor Nasenkov.

“System of video processing of “Okhotnik” family provides increased range of detection and recognition of objects in 1.2-1.5 times, increased duration of the TV channel within a day. The availability of automatic tracking to stabilize the binding of the field of view of video to the site of interest, and the observed pattern give in teleorientatsii digital error code error with respect to the target line of sight,” Nasenkov said.


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