14 holding companies and organizations of “Rostec” to be presented at the MAKS


Deputy Director General for Foreign Economic Activity of the state corporation ‘Rostec’, Dmitry Shugaev, said that a total of 14 holdings will take part in the air show, and also certain so-called institutions of direct administration. ‘’They will be the well-known Rosoboronexport, ‘Russian Helicopters’, UEC, Roselectronika, instrument-United Corporation ‘Precision complexes’, ‘Mechanical Engineering’ and many other companies. Pavilions 2, C-2, D-3 will be working, and one of the pavilions, C-3, will be fully occupied by a radio-electronic technology concern, which will present the products of its 48 companies. Thus, ‘Rostec’  lat MAKS-2015, as it was at the previous salon, will be appropriately represented and will occupy an area of about 3800 square meters of closed and open areas.”

“Rostec” is going to participate at the first Eurasian Aerospace Congress and use the MAKS siter for negotiations with potential and traditional partners.

Speaking about the impact that the sanctions have had on the work of the salon, Shugaev said that that only at the line of ‘Rostec’, which is the parent organization, around 20 talks are planned between foreign delegations at MAKS. This, in our opinion, is a good indicator. Although, of course, there is a substitution in favor of our Asian partners. I would not call it a substitution, rather, it is the strengthening of our relations which traditionally exist in the area of military-technical cooperation”.


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