Yuri Slusar: UAC is going to earn up to 50% of its revenues from sales of civil aircraft


United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is going to earn up to 50% of its revenues from sales of civil aircraft, it was stated by UAC President Yuri Slusar at Le Bourget 2015 airshow. At present only 20% of the corporation’s revenues are accounted for sales of civil aircraft; the rest 80% – sales of military aircraft, Vedomosti reports.

In spring UAC Corporate Economy Director Andrei El Said announced that civil aviation segment should become the major source of profit for the corporation. In 2014 UAC exported 22 military aircraft and 9 civil ones. The corporation’s revenues for 2014 (IFRS) were 295 billion rubles, net loss – 137 billion rubles.

UAC is going to earn up to 50% of its revenues from sales of civil aircraft in 8–10 years, Slusar said. Representative of UAC explained that this milestone should be reached by means of increasing the sales of civil aircraft. The UAC’s key projects in the civil aircraft segment are SSJ100 and MS-21. Presentation of the first MS-21 flying prototype is scheduled for late 2016.

So far contracts for production of 40 SSJ100 jets per year during the period from 2016 to 2018 have been signed, Slusar said. A total order backlog for SSJ100 stands at 150 liners. The State Transport Leasing Company (STLC) will support the project – it is going to purchase 32 SSJ100 liners in three years using funds allocated to the company in the network of additional capitalization (30 billion rubles). It was stated by the First Deputy Minister of Finance Tatyana Nesterenko. According to her, 15 jets of the type will be delivered to Yamal Airlines, another 15 ones – to Sсat (Kazakhstan). Nesterenko did not name a potential operator for the rest two aircraft. Representative of STLC declined to comment on the matter.


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