Russian developer of unmanned tilt rotor aircraft raised $500 thousand


Resident of Skolkovo space cluster, developer of long-range unmanned tilt rotor aircraft Aerokso company raised seed round investments of $500 thousand from I2BFGlobal Ventures and received a grant from Skolkovo worth 5 million rubles, i-Mash reports.

Aerokso founded in 2014 is developing long-range unmanned tilt rotor aircraft – vertical takeoff and landing UAVs close to unmanned airplanes in terms of aircraft performance. The ease of operation under severe conditions is achieved thanks to vertical takeoff and landing; this feature allows the vehicle to carry new types of payload. As against unmanned airplanes, this vehicle is able to hover.

At the same time tilt rotor aircraft outmatch unmanned helicopters and airplanes in terms of range, maximum flight time and maximum horizontal speed. The next-generation UAV may be used for monitoring of remote infrastructure, carrying out search-and-rescue operations, preventing natural disasters, carrying out environmental monitoring, providing communication services, aerial photo and video services, as well as using an entertainment applications in the format of virtual reality. The company is also developing its own cloud service used for storing and processing data obtained during missions carried out by the UAVs.


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