Representatives of Stelia visited Irkutsk Aviation Plant


Representatives of Stelia (French company specializing in production of components for Airbus aircraft) – Purchasing Managers Alnoor Monroe and quality and supply chain manager Ludwig Courbet paid a working visit to Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP, press-service of Irkut Corporation reports.

In the network of International Industrial Cooperation program (IIC) Irkut Corporation has been manufacturing nose wheel compartment for Airbus A320 Family aircraft since 2007. In late 2014 the contract was extended by one year. According to the signed document, in 2015 Irkut Corporation will deliver 114 nose wheel compartment kits to Stelia.

«Our components are essential for the work of Stelia’s assembly line. That is why the French partners are visiting Irkutsk Aviation Plant at least once a year,” IAP Director for International Cooperation, Sergey Migunov, said.

In his own turn Ludwig Courbet said: «for me, as a specialist in the area of aviation, it is especially interesting to see, how the enterprise is changing. At what stage a project for implementation of lean production is, how optimization issues are resolved. In general, we have to assess all the projects started several years ago. As always, I have a good impression (у меня хорошие впечатления). And it is obvious why – employees of Irkut Corporation are professionals; if they decide to do something, they will not give up halfway. The strongest impression is organization of production of MS-21 civil aircraft: manufacturing process is clear and transparent in terms of the assembly line. The facilities are neat and clean. Everything is under control».

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