A prototype of light aircraft developed by SibNIA performed its maiden flight


A prototype of light multi-role aircraft developed by SibNIA (Siberian Aeronautical Research Institute named after S.A. Chaplygin) performed its maiden flight at Eltsovka airfield of the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant named after V.P. Chkalov (NAZ), press-service of Sukhoi Company reports.

«The flight was a success. The aircraft was piloted by SibNIA Director, test pilot Vladimir Barsuk. NAZ took part in production of a large-scale accessory for parts of the aircraft made of carbon fiber composites. Components made of polymer composites using autoclave will be manufactured by SibNIA specialists using production capacities of NAZ,» the company said.

The aircraft design embodies the latest technologies. Panels, spars and ribs of the biplane are made of carbon fiber. Two new wings of the biplane made of composites are joined in the form of “rack” by a smooth junction. As against a traditional biplane wing there are no bracing trusses, which allows increasing cruise and maximum speed 1,5 times. Minimum speed close to zero was reached during the first flight. In the near-term the development will be completed and an airframe made of polymer composites will be manufactured, Sukhoi Company explained.


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