Skolkovo teams up with KAMAZ


The three powerhouses of innovation this week launched a competition among Skolkovo residents –also open to startups and organizations outside the ecosystem – named Electrochemistry 2015. It runs through December. A corresponding conference will be held at the Skolkovo Innovation Center in October.

“There are 15-17 companies which successfully work in this sphere only in Skolkovo,” Grachev said. “We are glad to see that KAMAZ is interested in these technologies and wants to become a partner of our competition and formulate the developments it needs.”

“The Skolkovo Foundation needs a long-term program whose goal is a creating innovative products that the Russian and world markets need,” added Grachev. “The partnership between Russian energy startups and such companies like KAMAZ and Panasonic is economically beneficially for all contractual parties. And it is important to note that the R&D centers of both companies work at the Skolkovo Innovative Center.”

KAMAZ is the biggest Russian truck manufacturer and is entering the new market of electric buses – a growing trend in Europe. As part of the competition, KAMAZ will present a special prize in the traction battery category in December.

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