Another An-158 was delivered to Cubana de Aviacion


On June 6th 2015 another An-158 short-haul aircraft was delivered to Cubana de Aviacion (Cuba). This is the sixth jet of the type delivered to the customer by Ilyushin Finance & Co. (IFC) leasing company, the lessor’s press-service reports.

«Deliveries of the aircraft to Cuba were started in 2013 under a purchase agreement between IFC and South American Aircraft Leasing (SAAL, Panama), which finances leasing of the aircraft for the Cuban carrier. Delivery of the sixth An-158 jet finalized implementation of the contract by IFC, the company explained.

Besides An-158 jets, since 2005 IFC has already delivered 8 Russian-produced aircraft to Cuba, including 4 Tu-204 medium-haul aircraft (passenger and cargo versions) and 4 Il-96-300 long-haul airliners. Thus the total number of aircraft delivered to Cuba by IFC is 14 ones. All the jets were delivered under the governmental program for financial support (guarantees) of export of hi-tech industrial products.These guarantees are provided by the government to banks, which grant credits to buyers of Russian products. Roseksimbank (subsidiary of Vnesheconombank, which specializes on financial support of Russian exports) is financing these deals, IFC noted.


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