Russia’s United Engine Corporation posts 25% rise in revenue


Russia’s United Engine Corporation (UEC) increased its fiscal year 2014 revenue by 25% compared with 2013, reaching a total of RUB199.97 billion (USD 3.51 billion), according to the company’s director general.

Structure of UEC’s 2014 revenue by customer. (IHS)

Vladislav Masalov said the volume of new product manufacturing has increased by 20%: “The corporation produced 1,411 new engines and repaired 1,067 previously produced ones.” He added that combat aircraft engines accounted for approximately 50% of UEC’s production run.

In total, military engines accounted for 61%, or RUB123 billion, of UEC’s revenue in 2014. This includes domestic military revenues of RUB54 billion under the State Defence Order (Gosoboronzakaz: GOZ) and RUB69 billion in military exports.

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