Almaz-Antey named the model of missile, which hit the Malaysian Boeing 777


Malaysian Boeing 777, shot down on July 17th 2014 above Donetsk Region (Ukraine), was destroyed by guided surface-to-air missile (SAM) fired from Buk-M1 system, press-service of Almaz-Antey reports.

«Analysis of destructive fragments shows that they belong to 9M38 (M1) missile intended for Buk-M1 system. In order to define the model of the missile, which allegedly hit Boeing 777, Almaz-Antey engineers analyzed the damage to the aircraft’s outer fuselage and main structure. The experts also extensively studied destructive fragments the international investigation committee extracted from surviving parts of MH17 and provided for analysis. Materials received by the experts included destructive double-T-shaped fragments only used in the warhead of the 9M38M1 missile used by Buk-M1 system. Damage to MH17’s structure in the shape of 13×13 mm and 14×14 mm squares also identifies this missile. The nature of the damage complies with damage done by 9M38 (M1) missiles,» said in the press-service’s statement.


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