Russian new corvette to be equipped with KRET electronic warfare systems


The Russian Navy commissions its latest corvette at the Amur Shipbuilding Plant, outfitted with electronic warfare systems developed by KRET enterprises.

The corvette will join the Pacific Fleet’s naval forces and is equipped with guided missiles.

This ship is the third Project 20380 corvette to be built at the Amur Shipbuilding Plant for the Pacific Fleet. As stated by Roman Martov, head of the Pacific Fleet’s press service, the plant will commission another Project 20380 corvette by the end of this year.

The Russian Navy’s combat forces already have four ships from this project: Steregushchy, Soobrazitelny, Boiky, and Stoiky. All of these are part of the Baltic Sea Fleet. Two months ago, the corvette Sovershenny was also commissioned. The ship is currently being outfitted with equipment. After completing tests, the ship will become part of the Pacific Fleet. The new corvettes will serve as the foundation of the Russian Navy in the near maritime zone.


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