Pentagon watches maneuvers of Russian satellite Kosmos-2504


U.S. military space surveillance systems are watching orbital maneuvers of the Russian military satellite Kosmos-2504, launched from the Plesetsk spaceport in the Arkhangelsk region in March, a U.S. specialized website said with the reference to a U.S. Air Force official.

The satellite has made at least 11 close approaches to the rocket upper stage that released it into orbit, he said.

In his opinion, such maneuvering capability is consistent with, but not necessarily indicative of, an in-orbit anti-satellite weapon.

Earlier reports said that the United States was closely watching a similar Russian satellite, Kosmos-2499. Former Roscosmos head Oleg Ostapenko said in connection that the small-sized satellites Kosmos-2499 and Kosmos-2491 were not intended to be used for military purposes.


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