F-35 to be easy prey for the T-50


According to experts from different countries, the US “Future Fighter” F-35 would be an easy prey for Russian fifth generation fighter aircraft T-50 and advanced anti-aircraft missiles – such as C-400/500 or “Pantsir-C1.” We tried to figured out why.
It is expensive and slow

F-35 Lightning II was conceived as a “world plane” – that is, they must be delivered not only to the US Air Force but also its allies. This gave the opportunityfor prospective buyers to get acquainted with the aircraft in advance.
Results were not impressive. In particular, representatives of the military department of South Korea found that they could not get the F-35 to the desired time.

In addition, the American fighter does not meet Korean requirements for speed and the amount of weapons. The Americans explained that external suspension for missiles destroyed the main advantage of the F-35 stealth. And the speed of 1.2 Mach (about 1200 kilometers per hour) is quite acceptable for the aircraft invisible. Confused Korean pilots and one engine “Lightning” – it leaves no chance to hold on to the airfield in case of breakage or hit by enemy missiles.
Even more pessimistic head of the analytical agency “Air Power Australia” Carlo Kopp. In his view, F-35 does not meet the majority of requirements for the fifth generation fighter. Because of poor maneuverability, low cruising speed, low-power motor and a weak armament Dr. Kopp took the Lightning II to the 4+ generation aircraft, and not to the best of its models.


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