Thirty years for Topol is not age


The accumulated experience in the development and operation of mobile ground systems with medium-range missiles allowed the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technology-based intercontinental ballistic missile solid fuel silo-based RT-2P (8K98P) to create a new mobile missile system with an intercontinental ballistic missile RT-2PM (15ZH58).

Development of a new missile system, dubbed “Topol” began almost four decades ago. It was conducted on the basis of the decision of the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers dated 19 July 1976, the requirements of the Soviet-American SALT-2 Treaty concerning starting and throw-weight of the rocket, its length and the maximum diameter, the number of stages, type of fuel, composition and characteristics of the combat equipment. Flight tests of the missile were conducted on 53 th range (Plesetsk) from February 1983 to December 1987 and came in two stages.

Based on RT-2PM Topol ICBMs “Topol” developed a family of conversion of space launch vehicles such as “Start”. The launches of the rocket can be carried out from Plesetsk and Svobodny.


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