Russian Navy to receive unique anti-mine defense ships


In 2015, the Russian Navy will begin to receive anti-mine defense ships built on the unique domestic technology of composite materials.

Ships of the project to build a “Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard”. At the moment the lead ship of the project 12700 “Alexandr Obukhov,” which will join the fleet until the end of 2015, is based on the stocks of the plant. The second ship of mine defense, “Georgyi Kurbatov” will be transferred to the Navy in the fourth quarter of 2016. Another two ships of these series will be launched and accepted in the mine-sweeping forces of the Navy until 2019.
The ship project 12700 has the world’s largest body made of cast non-magnetic material, formed by vacuum infusion. The advantage of a non-magnetic housing design is its high strength, which allows for greater survivability of the ship when operating in mine operations at sea.

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