KRET ready to equip Russian equivalent of “Mistral” with modern protection


The largest electronic industry holding “Concern Radio-electronic technology” (KRET, part of “Rostec”) is ready to develop the newest electronic systems of protection for prospective Russian helicopter-landing ship, similar in features with ships “Mistral”, Adviser of first deputy director of KRET Vladimir Mikheev told RIA Novosti.

“Mistral” is a usual large landing ship, which may base helicopters. We have always specialized in the production of shipboard electronic warfare systems. In any case, we planned to equip “Mistral” with our ship’s electronic systems protection,” Mikheyev said.

He reminded that the holding KRET “delivers electronic warfare systems for all types of Navy ships – from boats to frigates”. Therefore, he said, “the Concern is ready to fully satisfy the requirements of the customer – the Defense Ministry – to develop and deliver the most advanced electronic warfare systems” for future Russian helicopter carriers.

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