UEC has fulfilled its contract for MiG-29 fighter jet engines ahead of schedule


The repair of RD-33 engines for MiG-29 fighter jets took place at Chernyshev Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise, a subsidiary of United Engine Corporation (UEC). As part of the import substitution program, the enterprise abandoned the use of Ukrainian component parts.

The contract to repair RD-33 engines for fighter jets of the Russian Air Force has been completed ahead of schedule, according to the UEC press service.

The state contract between Chernyshev Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise and the Ministry of Defense was set to last for three years. The agreement mandated the project’s completion by November 15, 2015, but UEC completed the work on June 24th.Currently we are entirely booked with contracts. Our teams are working on the new VK-2500 engines for Mi and Ka helicopters, and other projects as well


According to the agreement, Chernyshev Moscow Machine-Building Enterprise repaired the Series 2 RD-33 engines for MiG-29 helicopters.


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