Russia to launch production of naval Pantsyr-M


The Russian Instrument Design Bureau (KBP) has launched batch production of the Pantsyr-M (Pantsir-M) naval anti-air gun-missile (AAGM) system, according to Alexander Zhukov, chief engineer of KBP’s naval air defence unit.

“Pantsyr-M’s batch production has already started,” Zhukov said. However he didn’t state which vessels will receive the new AAGM. A mock-up of the Pantsyr-M was demonstrated for the first time during the International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS) in St Petersburg from 1-5 June.

The system is capable of engaging four targets at once with missiles, before its anti-aircraft guns automatically target any that are missed. Standard ammunition loadout would include 32 missiles in a storage and reload system below the ship’s deck.

The Pantsyr-M can fire either the 57E6E surface-to-air missile (used in the land-based Pantsyr-S) or with the prospective Hermes-K missile, which has a range of 100 km. When using the latter the combat module can receive information sent by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) against land targets.


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