Russia developing new version of “Grad”


RIA Novosti. Scientific Production Enterprise “Start”, part of the group “technodynamics”, is developing a new shipboard launcher, which will replace the ship’s multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) “Grad-M”, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, General Director Maxim Group Kuzyuk.

Marine version of the MLRS “Grad” producing now on NPP “Start”, was developed in 1969. “Grad-M” are mounted on amphibious ships to engage manpower and equipment of the enemy on the shore and support the actions of marines.

“On the” Start “The possibility of the creation of on the basis of MLRS” Grad-M “(sea) from the launcher MS-73m – the universal launcher for missiles of various calibers and purposes. Preliminary work has already been done,” – said Kuzyuk.

Director-General of the Group added that due to the expected extension of a series of landing craft air cushion “Zubr”, the company will also consider the possibility of the resumption of production and modernization of the incendiary flame-ship complex of MS-227 “Fire.”


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