The date for starting mass production of Ka-226T helicopter in Russia was set


Mass production of light multi-role Ka-226T helicopter will be started at Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (KAPE) in 2016; in fact, the plant is ready to fulfill this task, reports with reference to a source close to the military-industrial sector.

«The enterprise’s high degree of readiness for production of the new version of Ka-226 is caused by the fact that the helicopter prototypes in our country are manufactured by production enterprises,» representative of the military-industrial sector said.

The source added that the first production Ka-226T helicopters manufactured in Kumertau would be handed over to Gazpromavia, which signed a contract for delivery of 18 Ka-226TG vehicles.

He also said that Russian Ministry of Defense might become one of the customers for the new helicopter; the matter is being discussed. Since 2011 KAPE has been implementing a contract for delivery of 36 Ka-226 helicopters (base version), which should be implemented this year.


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