Test-launches of new MLRS to be completed by end of 2015

ITAR-TASS: VOLGOGRAD, RUSSIA. AUGUST 1, 2012. A Tornado MRLS (multiple rocket launching system) vehicle designed on the base of the Grad truck-mounted system is being tested in a Motor Rifle Division of the Russian Southern Military District. The Tornado-G system will replace the Grad system. The Tornado-G is 3 times more effective than the Grad. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Dmitry Rogulin) Россия. Волгоград. 1 августа. Модернизированная реактивная система залпового огня "Торнадо-Г", созданная на базе РСЗО "Град", во время испытаний в рамках подготовки боевых расчетов артиллерийских подразделений в мотострелковой бригаде Южного военного округа. Фото ИТАР-ТАСС/ Дмитрий Рогулин

Test-launches of new multiple rocket launcher systems (MLRS) of 300mm caliber will be completed by the end of 2015, deputy general director of NPO Splav Gennady Kalyuzhny told TASS on Friday.

“They [multiple rocket launcher systems of 300mm caliber] are at a stage of state test-launches which we plan to finish this year. Test-launches of 220mm caliber systems have already been completed, and the 300mm caliber system is at the final stage of state test-launches,” Kalyuzhny said at the International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg.

Kalyuzhny reminded that new Tornado-G multiple rocket launcher system was put into operation. “We launched serial production of the system,” he noted, adding that it exceeds Grad MLRS in efficiency.


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