Development of PAK DA bomber moved from preliminary design stage to research and development work


Russian defense industry has already started research and development work (R&D) in the network of PAK DA project (next-generation strategic bomber), RIA Novosti reports with reference to Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of Russia, Oleg Bochkarev.

«Today another step is being taken in the area of strategic aviation. The goal has been set and development of new aircraft is underway. Research and development work is in progress,» Bochkarev said.

According to Commander-in-Chief of the Russian air forces, Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev, deliveries of PAK DA to Russian armed forces will be started in 2023. Earlier another date was announced — 2020. It will be a subsonic bomber and it will be able to carry out missions, which are being carried out by three aircraft types – Tu-160, Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3.

Unofficially, PAK DA may be fitted with hypersonic weapons. Presumably, the new bomber will have a high combat power and it will be able to penetrate the advanced air defenses.


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