Vietnam’s fourth Kilo-class submarine arrives at Cam Ranh Bay

961223-N-0000O-001 	A Russian-built, Kilo-class diesel submarine recently purchased by Iran, is towed by a support vessel in this photograph taken in the central Mediterranean Sea during the week of December 23.  The submarine and the support ship arrived at Port Said, Egypt, on Tuesday and were expected to begin transiting the Suez Canal today, Jan. 2, 1996.  Ships and aircraft from the U.S. NavyÕs Sixth Fleet are tracking the submarine, which has been making the transit on the surface.  This is the third Kilo-class submarine the Iranians have purchased from Moscow.  DoD photo.

The People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) Navy’s fourth Improved Project 636 Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine (SSK) has arrived in Cam Ranh Bay, according to local media reports corroborated by IHS Maritime data.

The submarine, Da Nang (HQ 185), is part of a USD2 billion contract for six SSKs signed between Vietnam and Russia’s Admiralty Shipyards in 2009. All six boats are scheduled for delivery to the PAVN by 2016.

According to ship tracking data from AISLive , a semi-submersible carrier identified by Vietnamese media to be carrying Da Nang , the Netherlands-registered Rolldock Storm , was projected to arrive in Cam Ranh on 30 June.

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