Russia officially gave up on Mistrals

040405-N-8606T-008 Atlantic Ocean (Apr. 5, 2004) - The amphibious assault ship USS Saipan (LHA 2) prepares to launch a CH-46 Sea Knight and CH-53 Super Stallion from it's flight deck during Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG) integration training in preparation for the ship's upcoming scheduled deployment. U.S. Navy photo by Photographer's Mate 1st Class Courtney Torgrude.  (RELEASED)

Russia has finally given up on Mistral deal with France; the only thing discussed now is the amount of compensation, TASS reports with reference to Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Military-Industrial Commission of Russia, Oleg Bochkarev.

“The fact is that Russia will not take delivery of the Mistrals. The only thing being discussed is the sum, which should be returned to Russian Federation,» he said.

After giving up on Mistrals Russia is going to start development of its own assault ships, but the vessels will belong to another class; Russia is not going to copy the French ships, Bochkarev said.

«We have a project for development of such ships, but we are going to construct ships of another class, we have different ideology in terms of landing of troops. We have no aim to copy Mistral,» he said.

Bochkarev added that this is not about helicopter carriers. «Assault ships, of course, the assault ones,» he said answering the question whether this referred to helicopter carriers or assault ships.

Earlier a source close to the industry said that the development of helicopter carriers is not included in plans of the national defense industry.


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