Russian armed forces have their drone


Rostec Corporation has built a test prototype of a small drone, the ‘Corsair’. By 2016, according to Rostec, the Russian Army will be using UAVs in active operations, and the main small drones will come from the Corsair’s manufacturer. State-owned United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC) recently said it would acquire rights to co-ordinate the entire programme to develop unmanned aircraft in the country.

Little is yet known about this pilotless aircraft, the ‘Corsair’. In December last year, Alexander Yakunin, general director of UIMC, said only that its main task would be monitoring surroundings within a 50-km radius. No new details were provided during the Army-2015 Exhibition. Citing secrecy laws in the defence industry, UIMC did not even display a photograph of this unit, or disclose its characteristics. But company representatives did not keep silent about their plans for next year, when they will start operational testing and delivery to the military of ready models, and begin mass production in 2017.

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