Russia developing promising long-range anti-ship missile


Prospective supersonic anti-ship missiles with the range of over 400 km, is being developed by order of the Russian Navy to equip new ships, carrier-based aircraft and shore facilities, a senior source in the defense industry told “Interfax-AVN” on Wednesday at IMDS-2015.
“We develop inconspicuous highly autonomous  anti-ship missile on request of the Command of the Nav. Its variations will be the main antiship weapon for the developed, built and modernized ships and coastal missile systems in both mobile and mine versions,” he said during the IMDS-2015.
He said that according to the instructions of the customer, the new range of anti-ship missile for combined path will be more than 400 km, and when flying at super-low altitudes it is up to 200 km.
According to him, the new rocket should be virtually invisible to enemy radar by introducing technologies of low visibility.

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