Frigate “Okhotnik” came into service of the Crimean border guards


Modern combat patrol boat of “Okhotnik”, able to carry on board a helicopter arrived on the arms of the Crimean border guards, the chief of the Border Service of Russia in the Republic of Crimea Gennady Medvedev informed.

According to Medvedev, the ship was built at the “Almaz” in St. Petersburg. After the acceptance test in a month it will be released to the protection of the state border. “The uniqueness of this vehicle is that despite the small displacement, it can take on board the helicopter. There are not a lot of ships in the world,” Medvedev¬†said, RIA Novosti reported. According to him, despite the fact that the “Amethyst” is able to carry a small helicopter series K-226, however its search capabilities, thereby, increases several times. The head of the Crimean frontier also noted that the ship set communications and information technology the past of modern developments and a high degree of automation allows to minimize the number of crew. In particular, on the ship are serving more than 20 people.

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