Group of companies “Unmanned Systems” introduced the latest UAV Supercam S-300M


In early June, a group of companies “Unmanned Systems” completed internal testing of the new UAV Supercam S-300M (Burevestnik).

Development of the new drone began in the summer of 2013. The engineers faced a difficult task: to increase the number of payloads simultaneously mounted on the UAV.

As a result ofresearch and development work there was created a multi-purpose tactical drone with a flight of 3.5 hours and the possibility of simultaneous installation of three payloads, one of which is mounted on a three-axis gyro-stabilized optical-electronic platform for direct drive, with the possibility to review of the entire lower hemisphere, and the other two – on fixed platforms. There may be any variation of cameras: Camcorder HD / PAL, thermal imager, combined with a video camera 720×576, ultra-high sensitivity video camera, camera with full-frame sensor with a resolution of 36 megapixels.


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