Maxim Kuzyuk: the new helicopter system will prevent explosion of fuel tanks


The new helicopter system will allow keeping the integrity of fuel tanks in case of a hard landing, Technodinamika CEO Maxim Kuzyuk told RIA Novosti at HeliRussia 2015 exhibition.

“System includes a number of components, one of them is a new fuel tank made of flexible materials. In case of hard landing the fuel tanks will keep their leak-tightness and they are resistant to piercing. In addition, the system comprises fluoroplastic sleeves and titan fittings, which are able to work under conditions of high temperatures and high pressure. In case of disruption the sleeves align the edges automatically,” the CEO explained.

According to him, this will “prevent fuel leakage and fire outbreak in case of a hard landing”. “The new European standards require all the transport and passenger helicopters to be fitted with such systems. Our system will meet these requirements and will be certified in compliance with the European standards. This year we are starting production of prototypes; the testing will be carried out in 2016-2017,” Kuzyuk said.


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